Jaya Plmanabhan


Senior adviser to Newfire partners, CTO of Unitio, CTO of Redeapp

Jaya is a veteran technology executive and entrepreneur with deep expertise in data science, machine learning and engineering management. The well-recognized MIT-trained data scientist has extensive experience in the healthcare, energy and finance industries. Currently is CTO of Unitio, CTO of Redeapp and Senior adviser to Newfire partners, in the past CTO of Cureforward.

Topic of presentation: What it takes to build a model for detecting patients that defaults from medication

The main points of the presentation:
Why data exploration is important?
Clean data is a half of success
why subject knowledge experts are crucial in healthcare project
feature engineerings as a way to make you model more accurate
We will talk about how using clinical data tyr to predict if patients will or will not defect from their medication.