Ihar Rubanau


Sr. Data Scientist, N-IX

I'm Data Scientist and believer in technological singularity and following positive consequences for humans. I have more 10+ years of professional R&D experience in different fields such as Neural Network, Cortical Algorithm, Statistical Analysis, Time-Series Forecasting, Dynamic Systems and Brain Computer Interfaces.

Topic of presentation: Qualia of AI

The main points of the presentation: In our days most of the valuable information are coming from smartphones and/or web browsers. In recent years with significant advance in the BCI technology (especially success in the hardware development), we gonna to see and participate in emerging a totally new data-market, which will require new approaches, new way of thinking, and of course with its own fascinating challenges. Successful development of those area will not only significantly expand data science labor market, but will improve the symbiosis of human with new forms of artificial intelligence, potentially leading to new era of enhanced human.