Oleksandr Krakovetskyi


CEO, DevRain Solutions

I am CEO of DevRain Solutions, IT company from Ukraine. We are good in creating web, cloud, mobile and artificial intelligence solutions. In 2013 company was awarded as "Lead partner in creating mobile solutions on Windows Phone 8 platform" by Microsoft Ukraine.
I am a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in several categories - previously ASP.NET/IIS, Windows Phone, Windows Platform Development and now it's an Artificial Intelligence. Also I was nominated as Telerik Developer Expert for several years and got "The Best Professional in Software Architecture" Ukrainian IT award.
I am CTO of DonorUA - automated blood donors recruitment system and CTO of Udonors - the most intelligent system for recruiting blood donors. We won several competitions such as Stockholm Startup Weekend: Social Innovation, IDCEE Hackathon, "Ukraine is looking for startups" etc.
I am PhD. in Computer Science. My work was connected with Data Mining, information search, NER/NLP problems. Published 20 science articles and one book about IT in Ukraine, education and R&D.
I founded my first User Group in 2005. It was Microsoft .NET User Group Vinnytsia. After that I founded "Windows Phone 7 Rocks!" and now driving "AppClub { build, monetize }"community for IT startups and entrepreneurs.
Open Data expert in Ukrainian state agency of e-government, community lead in Kyiv Smart City initiative

Topic of presentation: Microsoft AI: a new era of smart solutions

The main points of the presentation: In this presentation we will talk about Microsoft's tools and products that will add some intelligence to your apps and solutions.We will talk about Cognitive Services, chatbots, Cortana and Alexa, Deep Learning and Azure Machine Learning.